Museums and Exhibitions Solutions

Museums and Exhibitions Solutions
Elevating experiences through art

DIFOART QATAR unites the creativity, expertise, and heritage of the established brand DIFOART, with the vision and award-winning craftsmanship of Digital Print Center of Dallah Holding Media

We offer expert curation services, visitor journey mapping, and art handling services. From door-to-door museum care to sourcing customized solutions that meet your needs. Our service offerings are tailored so you can focus on what matters most to you.


Proven experience

DIFOART has been providing curation services for over 20 years to museums and cultural institutions throughout Turkey and Europe

  • Ensuring a positive customer experience
  • Experts in guest journey
  • Experienced in different art forms -photography, paintings, sculptures, and installations


You imagine we create

At DIFOART ​we can create content according to your needs.

We have experienced copywriters in English, Arabic and Turkish.

Our team can chase and compile information according to your needs and create the content suitable for your subjects.


Your art and collections are in good hands

Our team of skilled art handlers can take care of hanging an entire exhibition, unpack and install fragile or heavy sculptures, and take care of complex installations.

  • Meticulous handling, committed work culture
  • Custom hanging and security lock systems
  • Trusted logistics partner ensuring the safely storing and transporting your artwork


Trusted and respected partners

Once you meet with us, you’ll quickly discover our curation & consultancy expertise. We’ve been involved in the safe delivery and installation of all kinds of art materials.

DIFOART was founded by A. Halim Kulaksız and his son Coşar Kulaksız. Kulaksız Family has been in the photography and visual art business for more than half a century. Coşar Kulaksız is a certified member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and has a Ph.D. in photography

"Art is at the core of everything we do"


Create a space visitors will love

We have proudly planned and created journey maps for museums, cultural institutions, and temporary exhibitions. We will help you to adopt a visitor-centred approach to your venue and exhibition.

  • Enrich your visitor experience
  • Create engaging touchpoints and interactions with artists and artwork, and provide supporting information


Holistic design and signage

We also offer graphic and signage design to hotels, retail, venues and corporate clients to bring visual harmony to their space and ensure a positive visitor experience.

  • Typography, iconography, graphic arts that work in visual harmony with your venue
  • Intelligent wayfinding and signage systems
  • Identities, logos, and branding literature

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