Hospitality and Corporate Solutions

Hospitality and Corporate Solutions
Printed art for your hotel and office

DIFOART QATAR unites the creativity,expertise, and heritage of the established brand DIFOART, with the vision and award-winning craftsmanship of Digital Print Center of Dallah Holding Media.​

Whether you need artwork to decorate your hotel, restaurant, office, or retail venue we can source and produce art that reflects the space and your vision.

Experience the artistry and craftsmanship of a company that you can depend on.


Unique, captivating art that inspires

We present limited-edition prints from esteemed and emerging artists from Turkey, Qatar, and the region.

We provide both bespoke and commissioned pieces to help you meet your creative vision.

We proudly offer:

  • Outstanding original printed art for every budget
  • Bespoke artwork, sculpture, and furniture
  • Access to experienced curators


Art is our hertage We are art

Art is at the core of everything we do.

Meet with us and you’ll find out that our art consultancy speaks confidently. We talk the same language as artists, visionary designers, and architects.

DIFOART was founded by A. Halim Kulaksız and his son Coşar Kulaksız. Kulaksız Family has been in the photography and visual art business for more than half a century. Coşar Kulaksız is a certified member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and has a Ph.D. in photography.

"Art is at the core of everything we do"


Create a space visitors will love

Create a space visitors will love

We have curated both large-scale and smaller projects. By helping our clients with curating their permanent collections, we add style and sophistication.

What starts with heartfelt conversations about your space, guests, and brand ends with deep insights that lead to a unique and inspiring experience.

• Speak with confidence to an art advisor

• Anchor your rooms with artwork that suits the décor.


Cohesive, holistic design and signage

We also offer graphic and signage design to hotels, retail, venues and corporate clients to bring visual harmony to their space and ensure a positive visitor experience.

• Typography, iconography, graphic arts that work in visual harmony with your venue

• Intelligent wayfinding and signage systems

• Identities, logos, and branding literatu


Execution is everything

Our respect for the artist and the designer sets us apart. We are able to provide any quality level and accuracy desired in our printing services. That being said, we have many recommendations on what will work best for you.

  • Award-winning printing expertise
  • A meticulous, clinical-clean art handling
  • Extensive framing service
  • DIASEC finishing, brilliant color and texture
  • Custom hanging and security lock systems

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