He was born in 1976 in Istanbul. He graduated from Istanbul University Control Systems Technology and Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Photography Department.

In 1999, he prepared the digital photography magazine Photo Digital, which was published for the first time in Turkey, and became the Editorial Director.

He organized the first photography contest in our country, held over the Internet. He acted as a consultant for dozens of photography competitions. He did many photo shows. He opened 7 personal exhibitions in different cities of Turkey and participated in dozens of national and international group exhibitions.

He has published three photo albums. He took part in symposiums, seminars, panels, interviews, and selection committees.

He participated in various exhibitions with his collections and took part in books.

He gave photography lessons at various universities and educational institutions. His articles on computer technologies, digital photography, collecting and travel have been published in various newspapers and magazines.

To date, the photo shows “On the Boat”, “Life on Water”, “The Darkening Star of the East: Iran”, “Angkor Temples”, “Life Was a Good Day”, “From Life” and “North & Central Pakistan” have been shown to the audience. met.

He is a member of the Information Reporters Association (BMD). He still works as the Editorial Director of the Photography Magazine and the Photography Information Center (website).