He was born in 1945 in Toybelen village of Kemaliye district of Erzincan province. He graduated from primary school in 1962 and worked as a teacher in various village schools.

He started working as a reporter at Hürriyet News Agency in 1969. He worked as a reporter for thirteen years. He met with the photograph with the warnings of the authorities in the agency. Abdi İpekçi met with literature when he received an award in the interview competition. He wrote articles for Milliyet Sanat and Sanat Olayı magazines. He published his first book, "The Dam", by combining the works he had done due to the filling of the Keban dam lake with his stories. His short story book "Köyden Kente" was published in the eighties.

He held nearly one hundred exhibitions and shows at home and abroad. Four storybooks have been published. Photo albums "Rotating Lake Van", "Mardin", "Erzincan", "Çukurova Yaşar Kemal" were published.

He still continues to write for magazines and newspapers.