Levent Özçelik was born in Istanbul.

He started photographing at a young age by washing film and printing on photographic paper in the dark room where his family's analogue photographic films were washed and developed. He still continues his freelance publishing life, which he started in various newspapers and magazines.

There are 7 photo books published. These are, respectively, a Winter's Day in Istanbul, Paris / Paradis, Havana; One day for sure, Germany; His books, Portraits and their lives, Instagram Diary, The North Project 1 Sweden, The North Project 2 Scotchland, have been published. Its last exhibition, the photo - video exhibition 2016 Contemporary Art Istanbul, took place.

The artist still lives in Istanbul, Berlin and Bozburun, travels all over the world, takes photographs and writes. His photographs and articles are published in magazines such as Gq, Vogue, Sky Life and daily newspapers.