Hüseyin TAŞKIN, who completed his undergraduate education at Marmara University Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism, started working  as a photo-journalist in a sectoral magazine after graduation.

After he started to deal with advertising photography, he has been involved in free photography and design activities.

He is currently working as a photo tutor in various photo clubs and photography communities, as well as performing advertising photography and studio supervision at a private company. He organizes many events, seminars and conversations in different times and geographies, and also organizes training trips and short-term workshops.

He was selected by Fujifilm Global as X-Photographer in 2015.

He has two personal exhibitions. Which called ‘ Poor Tones of  Brown',  exhibited in two different places, organized in the name of the humanitarian aid organization and  the second called 'The Rural Dreams'.  He shares his current  works in his instagram account  @huseyintaskin